Stu Power!

Posted by aleeCO on June 30, 2011 in Poses |


  • Pascal says:

    Yeah nice poses Alyssa!! :)
    And the Spice Girls rocked :p

  • Floyd says:

    Look at you guys doing assignments ahead of time … oh the Eagers B. : )
    Nice poses Alyssa. If you want to take it even a little further I have an idea for you to check out how your poses hold up… think of them as a black silhouette like an apple ipod commercial (you might even know this already) … put a black surface shader on them and see if you can clearly identify the body parts. For example: if you move the foot on the guy on the far right off to the side a bit so its not in front of the body and so you see some of the leg, the image will read easier. You’ll know its his leg kicking out even if he’s just a black shadow. And there’s my 2cents. : )

    • aleeCO says:

      Yes, I like playing around with whatever is given to me (even if we’re not supposed to do anything yet) ;)
      Thanks for the feedback, Floyd! Silhouettes are a great idea — I’ll do that for my next 3D poses

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