Term 3 Kick-off

Posted by aleeCO on January 4, 2012 in Q&A's

Tonight I had my first Q&A of term 3. My new mentor is Drew Adams at Dreamworks. Nice, small group of us again (11 of us). I want to try a more cartoony animation style — specifically, techniques like shmears. Drew will be a great fit for what I what to develop, so it looks [...]



Posted by aleeCO on July 30, 2011 in Q&A's

I hosted a couple hours of the WoA today. Those references for moving holds we discussed are: http://www.keithlango.com/tutorials/march05/movingHold.htm http://www.carlosbaena.com/animation/animation_misc_ts3.html Also key points I should note: **To vary up poses in an animation play with the see-saw or teeter totter lines (any lines of the body that can be tilted to give a new feel). This [...]


Critique week 3

Posted by aleeCO on July 17, 2011 in Q&A's

The critique with Peer Lemmers gave me a better understanding of the concept of spacing. He gave me some great tid bits to think about — really helped watching him go through frame by frame and draw on the screen. I’m actually glad we’re going into such depth with bounce animations — makes it easier [...]

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