a healthy body leads to a healthy, imagination mind

Posted by aleeCO on July 10, 2012 in Tid Bits |

Art cannot simply be scheduled into our lives. We need to be in a certain state for it to be possible. I always do my best to keep this in mind:

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs~

Imagination lives on one of the higher tiers. Once you are relaxed enough to where you can comfortably “zone out” or daydream, you are in the healthy mindset to be creative. If you are stressed, have a tight schedule, or are physically unhealthy, you cannot reach this point. The “stress” can be a lack in any of those levels (physiological, safety, social, esteem…). Only you can know the source and what you do to relieve it.

Think about it. When you’re trying to finish up things at home before you catch the bus to work or if you’re sick and are just trying to stop a sinus-headache, your mind is very task-oriented. However, when you’re laying by the pool relaxing or in a field watching the clouds your mind starts to wander into the “what if?” questions. You’re relaxed, have no worries, and your mind is entertaining itself with, well, imagination.

So bottom line: Take care of yourself! Your good health will allow you to be in your happiest and strongest mindset to have the courage to create.

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