Angel Pantomime

Posted by aleeCO on July 1, 2012 in Animations, References |

For my pantomime shot, I’m animating an angel who realizes that her halo is missing. The change in emotion will go from bored —> edge of panic (realizing the halo is missing) —> relief.

Following Marek’s advice, I established character first. I wanted to create a somewhat ironic character ~ one with characteristics that contradict what we would expect from his/her given role. I came up with an unlady-like angel. She’ll slouch, be absent-minded, lolly gag, and slip in and out of her expected angelic behavior.

From there I established a world. Easy…clouds! A heavenly setting in which every object is made of fluffy, cloud material. With the scenario and character, acting for the reference seems much easier…

Character concept:

Video reference:

Shot beat thumbnails:

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